Thursday, March 24, 2011

The End.

We laughed we cried, we won we failed 
we've seen the walls of the seaside jail. 
From serious dinners to silly pranks 
some were winners ,and some were skanks. 
The town was alive as he announced the cabs 
as was the house full of female jabs.
Countless tears and beers that were logged
beside the toilets that were clogged. 
Romances made way, amongst the fights 
some that were long, others one night. 
Many messages were sent through our wise quacking phone, 
For those it pertained to, the red whistle was blown. 
Bedroom furniture, that was rearranged 
due to arguments, that never change. 
Facial jewelry and a year of fame. 
spurring up many "yo, you changed." 
Will the fighting go on forever ? 
Trust no bitch, trust her never. 
Will there be more testosterone ridden, sunny days 
Hair cuts that fade, tans that are sprayed. 
For now our skin, brains, and oreos are fried. 
But if we continue, TRUST we will bring you along for the ride…we will bring you along for the ride. 
Peace for now
                                                      -Vinny ....on behalf of my orange friends.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dancing Queen

My favorite quality in a woman is great dancing ability. Of course being a real “dancer” (i.e. ballerina, hip hop, lyrical) is sexy and impressive, but I am not referring to only the professionals. I’m talking about THAT girl who owns the dance floor, VIP booth, or couch that she is standing on. The hip hop is playing, she’s standing in her small space, swaying her sexy waist back and forth, doing LITTLE things with her butt, hands, fingers, face, hair, shoulders, etc…that makes me think “yo, she got it and I want it.”  It means so much to me for the obvious reasons: it is sexy, fun, requires talent, rhythm etc…but a woman’s dancing transcends into so many different aspects of her personality.
 I know what you’re thinking: “if she can dance well, then she can fuck well.” This is true. Rhythm in bed is necessary for both parties. In bedrooms (smush rooms) music is usually played in the background because sex is a dance. Let us call it “the choreography of loooooove.” (Bow chicka wow wow) If one person cannot follow said choreography the energy vibe is weakened and someone is not experiencing the Euphoria that they deserve (getting off.)            
Besides making sex amazing, if a woman can dance it speaks to many aspects of her personality. A good-dancing woman is a confident woman. The key to reading confidence is recognizing body language. Next time you see a girl who is a good dancer look at her shoulders. A confident person will always have their chin up, shoulders back (dancing necessity), totally exposed to the world without worrying what she looks like because she knows “she got IT.”
If a girl can dance then she is probably chill. Physical rhythm is cool, fun, interesting, easy going, and smooth.  Body is connected to mind and soul hence those characteristics may transfer to her personality. 
Now here is some advice for men (if you do not know already): when a girl who knows how to dance is dancing on you, your job is simple: virtually, DO NOTHING. Let her lead you with her waste and just follow with your hips. She does not like being smothered and your boner poking her through your True Religions. This leads me to my next positive personality trait of being a good dancer: the chase. Men do not like it if it’s too easy. But if she can lead you in a dance (she has to because you are behind her! Unless you want to be in front of her and miss out on that amazing booty) you are forced to follow her and she has the upper hand (drives men crazy.) Don’t worry you will have the upper hand later in the bedroom.
These are a few of many reasons why dancing is one of my most important characteristics in a woman. It all comes down to a girl with swagger. Swagger on the dance floor, in the bedroom, at a family party, or even walking down the street is key and dancing is an indication of if she has it. It is impossible to have swagger and not dance well.  I don’t care what race she is, physical appearance, a stripper, groupie, go go dancer, queen of England, on a stage, in a cage, pressing up against you, doing the Dougie, or by herself bobbing her head in the corner as she’s drunk BBMing, REMEMBER: not only is she a good dancer but she has IT. And you want IT my friends….you want it.