Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I started a blog

I started a blog...because Twitter doesn't have enough room for me to write shit...for short shit read my twitter...for long this


  1. Get a tumblr. (

  2. Man Vin your like the most realist nigga out their..wish for only the best and god bless

  3. welcome to the blogger world! :D

  4. Nice blog Vinny i love to read more and get to know you bro. Hope one day i get some money and be able to come meet you in person.

    God Bless .

  5. very excited to follow you!
    twitter is not doing you justice

  6. Nice Vinny. Very insightful.. well put. You're right, twitter doesn't help much for what you want to say. You don't have many characters to use.
    follow me on twitter please? kayla1218

  7. follow me on twitter vinny

  8. hey vichenzo you really seem a down to earth kinda guy and i do wanna say i got a couple of ideas after you move on from the mtv reality and please contact me

  9. short shit...well i thnk the long shit is just a little more shit. is it shit i need to read idk. but i read it. it seems like good shit though so yeah glad you added more shit to your short shit. good shit!

  10. ohh great you started a blog!
    I love the shore and you are my favourite!

    you came to make an apperance in Newfoundland and I was pumped...but then after you left people said some messed up shit...saying you were a total douche bag...and that you didnt want to be here at all,broke my heart haha

    but im refusing to believe it and going to hope that you are as awesome in person as you are on the show =>

    Cant wait to read more posts!

  11. I LOVE YOU VINNY !! i'm always DTF for uuu :) <33

  12. You should def look into watching the History channes series " Ancient Aliens." That might change your perception on everything. Matter of fact im sure it will. You should also read the book "Chariots of the Gods" if you ever have any free time. Its good stuff.

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  14. About your view on Religion I have to say I totally agree 100%. I hate that I conformed to what "Society" said was ...true and right about Religion. I even went to a catholic school when I was younger and never received any real answers to any of my questions about the bible or about GOD. I always ended up with the same answer "just because". If we were all taught that big bird was God no one would know the difference. I am a Realist and I hate when people confuse the two with someone who is an atheist. First off if your an atheist that means you believe in the Devil therefore you believe in God (Surprising how that works) which wouldn't make you an atheist to begin with. I believe in scientific facts and Religion and Science never did get along. Hmmmm smells fishy huh? Yeah I thought so too. Science would ruin all that money coming in every Sunday in that handy little offering plate they hand out, and the Vatican wouldn't want that. God doesn't want your money.. Good Lord.. get real people!!!!!!!!!!!See More

    February 20, 2011 3:18 PM

  15. I concur with Cinuzy J. Harrison (about 14 posts up). Your blog is awesome, Tumblr would make it even better.

  16. I'm following your blog with Bloglovin. Please make it worth reading. I think you will.. you aren't cheesy like some of your cast members. :)

  17. I like reading your opinion on things its also entertaining and welcome to the blogworld. Follow me @MissAnaTO xx

  18. Vin I Feel you and it was nicely said. Religion is so contradicting for me!

  19. Vinny,
    I was raised Catholic also and very recently have come to some similar conclusions about it and what I actually believe as an adult.Totally agree with you- I think if the rest of the world were as respectful and open to other's beliefs and religions the world would be a better place!!! Thanks for putting this out there for the world to see it's sending a really good message.. and that makes me smile! :) xo's

  20. Okay. This has just made you more sexier as a person. l0l. jp. But seriously, i feel ya. i like how you compared it with the color white.:D

  21. So Excited to follow you! i think it's great how real you are! keep on being you! :)

  22. Woohoo Vinny! Glad to see you are making a blog. You and Pauly are my favorites on JS. You both are pretty chill. Looking forward to more posts on your blog :)

  23. I do believe that we worship the same God just by different name/language and I feel that we have different ways of doing it, and thats what separates us RELIGION but its what brings us together as well...I completely understand.

  24. so excited you started a blog ! you are my favourite on jersey shore, can't miss a thursday love you so much ! you are definitely the cutest ever <3

  25. I love your sense of humor and outlook on things vinny you are fucking hilarious.. keep up the blog <3

  26. hey vinny, r u gonna respond to any of the post lol?? I see ppl writing but no u didnt respond...

  27. I think you're great. You're cute, funny, and seem really sweet and intelligent. =]

    The drunk girl blog cracked me up ha ha girls like that..are just...disgraceful.

  28. I'm still tryin to figure out what that box is in the picture and what you are doing... Are you sippin a drink what is that lol. It looks like some kinda suchi thing or somethin lol.

  29. I'm a new blogger. Just set my page up last night, but uhhh....nothing to say yet haha...I went blank! I look forward to following your blogs :)

  30. :) Welcome to Blogger!

  31. I think you should join tumblr instead ;)

  32. Welcome to the crazy world of bloggers!

  33. wow vinny...didnt know you had it in you! que loco!!!you are cute and smart! good job to your lovely mother! God Bless papi!

  34. I agree...let's hang out and get coffee.

  35. Hey everyone check out my blog, very good wise words! I would appreciate if you follow or comment! Thank you! =)

  36. WTH are u doing in this pic???I sware I have been staring at it for at least a few seconds (I get bored and couldn't figure it out. I see a lot of straws...something that looks like a table or an open chest...and then I just don't know. Just wondering.....

  37. tumblr pleaassswee

  38. If you're considering going to law school, then that must only mean one thing. You're smart (or think you are at the very least). lol

    Well, we have yet to see you prove you're a braniac. So, I was thinking, why don't you go for the next season of Celebrity Aprentice? I think everyone would be blown away to see one of the Jersey Shore kids win it. I say your prove you got more than sex in that brain of yours. Just sayin.


  39. ^ I hate typos but this new phone auto-completes my words. Just saying. lol

  40. Hello Vinny!

    First off, I would like to offer a very humble welcome to the blogging world. I myself started a blog fairly recently (it isn’t as good as yours ha-ha) and I must say I am very inspired by your "balls out" writing. I really enjoyed your post “The Voice Inside a Drunk Girl's Head”. I see that happen all too often at clubs and I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life its that you can warn people until you’re blue in the face they just won’t learn unless it’s the hard way.
    I watch Jersey Shore every week and out of the whole J. Shore crew I must say you and Pauly D are the most levelheaded. I appreciate that you take pride in being Italian, having maximum fun while not making an ass of yourself, and that you love your family (because lets face it if you're Italian you know family is important). These qualities are all very endearing for a fellow Italian. :D Keep writing people are loving it and well because you really do have a way with words.

    Baci e abbracci; Tee (Toronto, Canada)

  41. hii i am tatiana my pin is 2307e9aa

  42. Hey Vinny. I have a question. I am not writting this as a hater. I am an actual fan of the show. My husband & I never miss a show. Its kinda like our "date nite" thing.
    My question is this; after you watched the last show, what was your first reaction? I am asking because based on the show, you seem to be the only one who is aware how fleeting this is. You also give off the impression of having the knowledge that 50 yrs from now, you dont want to be remembered as a joke.
    With everything that has gone on,(on the show), there has never been a time when neither my husband or myself felt shamed that we are Italian Americans. The Shore is also our birth right. Last weeks episode was the exception.
    Ron's issues go deeper than the melodrama of his relationship with Sam. I think its horrible to watch as Mike exploits his "boys" personal pain. Because of Ron's issue, it obvious where his women issues come from.
    I have another question. You and the boys were quick to back your boy when Sam was "being sneakie". Did any of you remember what their fights looked like? Can any of you say, abusive? Would any of you want your boy Ron in a relationship with any of your relatives? Regardless if Sam was a bitch, or a sneak. She was (& still is) one of your roomates. She is riding the same wave as the rest of you. Why was it only the other women who could see that the score board was never even. The mental damage being in a relationship like that, makes Ron always the winner.
    Then there was the show of manliness that both you and Pauly decided to let the world witness. I have no hate for what you boys are doing. DTF is DTF. What I dont understand is the humiliation that you guys seem to think must come hand & hand with going home with you for the night. Grenade, or Butter Face. Its all the same. If you are willing to do either, why do you have to degrade them? I am all for being a player, as long as you believe in fair play. None of you want an empty bed. Sex, and especially great sex is awesome. You can be a player and have great sex with lots of women, but why cant you do it with respect. You dont need to respect them as a person. I dont think you can remember most of their names to know that they are actual people. You can attempt to respect them as humans. You can respect them for using their bodies to make you feel good. You could respect them for using your body to do the same, for themselves.
    You are still very young, and the concept of being a true grownup has most likely, not hit you yet. I hope you can remember that you are not a character on TV. You are on reality TV, because you are real people. Out of the four of you, I dont see any Brad Pitts, George Clooneys, Matt Damons, Frank Sinatras, or even a Tony Sapranos. You are boys who have been given a great opportunity. I think all of you would see that if you changed the mood of the double standard that you guys are promoting, you would all be getting alot more ass & respect.

  43. Lol, I hate my disgusting fucked up mind. I think I prefer long shit over short shit, though when wiping I always hope for a small amount of residue. ♥ You're hot.

  44. Baby I like it !

  45. Loving the blog. I just made my twitter today so I can creep..I mean follow Charlie Sheen since that seems to be all the rage. And I found you! Then I found this blog and I love it. Keep speaking your mind and follow your heart. Don't let being in the public eye influence your behavior and beliefs. After all, "The greatest wealth is to live content with little." -Plato

    oh and I am not one of those "be yourself!" cupcake people. I just think it is awesome that despite being in the spot light, you don't shut up and do as society expects. Good for you for having this blog. If I had your popular-famous status I'd have one too so the world could see what I have to say. But who will listen to a 19 year old girl trying to pay for college? haha I hardly listen to myself.

    Keep up the good work can't wait for the next season!!! xox

  46. I REALLY like this. I like your wittiness and enjoy reading your post. I've started following so don't stop!

  47. awwwh i really like this vinny, keep it up you're a star. :) hope i can meet you one day will be a dream come true x

  48. Hey Vin how are you? I am creating my own music management company called Smooth Ambition Management and I have a group of artists that call themselves The Gwap Fam. We are upcoming rappers just as you are an upcoming reality start. Great work by the way. But I am writing you this email because I'd appreciate it if you check out our music at Please give us some feed back comments etc. Tell us what you think of our music. We are all in it to win it. This is rap at its best with a new swag to bring to the game. We stay in SF, CA. Let us know what you think I would appreciate the feedback. By the way also, great blogs there deep, very enlightening.

  49. Are you Vinny from Jersey Shore from tv?

  50. - everyone wants to know the answer to the question?- *are you vinny from j.s. - i dontt know you and i think it is a god site to startt off on, and 8.8 people were watching it. - includdingme, so i want to see PAULY_D AND SAMMI!!!!!!Togehtterrrrrrr!

  51. i don't watch the show, but hey, i will definitely read the blog. thanks for sharing.

  52. I really love this blog. You are a lot deeper than most people would think, and I love how poetic you are. I'm not looking for a follow on twitter, or a shout out to me in public, I just want to let you know that I really enjoy reading what you write and I think that your thoughts are very deep. I will definitely keep reading as you post more!

  53. Even though u r a celebrity, u cant express urself the way u want... this gives u freedom on almost everything, showing the world another side of u that honestly I hear from my cousins who worked wit u at Staples lol... this site makes u more of a person in so many people's eyes (even though some people here r just tryin to get in ur pants lol)... say n do wat u want n forget wen people say to u "MA CHE DICE?!"
    Matilde Castellana

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